Fill The Fridge

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Ultimate ASMR filling game, creating a brand new game feeling and mechanic within a mass market theme.

Fill the Fridge is a 3D puzzle that requires its players to optimize the organization of different objects and different shelves for perfect fit.

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Orbital Balls


Orbital Balls utilizes physics to bring you the ultimate state of flow and ASMR.

Objective is to bring down the required number of balls by hitting the right multipliers and slingshots. Orbital Balls challenges your puzzle skills within a physics based dynamic gameplay!

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Collect Flag!


Collect flag has an innovative gameplay, combining hypercasual runner genre with trivia.

Select the answer gate based on the question to obtain the flag, if your choice is right, collect the flag to use it at the level end minigame! Collect flag created a new trivia hype around the world both on paid and organic social networks.

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